Laura Zapata uncovers the terrible conditions in which she slept inside the asylum

Laura Zapata destapa las pésimas condiciones en las que dormía dentro del asilo

Laura Zapata.

Photo: Miguel Larrauri / Reform Agency

Before leaving the asylum where he stayed for 37 days with his grandmother, Laura Zapata He denounced the conditions in which he slept during these days.

Through a video posted on Twitter, the actress showed a broken and dirty chair: “Here friends, in this armchair I dozed, in this armchair belonging to this company, here I dozed all these days, in this madness, in this madness. But at last I’m leaving here“, Is heard saying.

While in a second recording, the sister of Thalia She denounced the director of the Le Grand Senior Living asylum, who allegedly wanted her to sign a biased assessment of the state of health in which her grandmother left the residence.

After sitting in a wheelchair for more than half an hour, Mrs. Eva Mange She was taken to an ambulance of the Integral Development of the Family of the State of Mexico (DIFEM), where she was transferred to a hospital to find out her health status before arriving home.

Through a statement, Laura Zapata reported that unfortunately her grandmother continues to have health complications derived from the poor care she received during her stay at the nursing home.

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Regretting to know that the clinical summary delivered at discharge from the nursing home is completely wrong, since it presents non-serious complications that were never noticed“Reads the post shared on Instagram.

And he shared that within the diagnosis that the hospital gave him, a pleural effusion was detected, which consists of an accumulation of fluid in the space between the lungs and the chest wall, however, despite his delicate health situation the doctors authorized to take her home.

The famous soap opera villain also reported that her beloved grandmother will be under her full care so that her health is fully established.


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