Laura Zapata will be sued by relatives of the residents of the asylum where her grandmother lives

Laura Zapata será demandada por familiares de los residentes del asilo en el que vive su abuelita

After it became known that the lives of 54 older adults are at risk due to the complaints they made Laura Zapata, the actress reacted to the accusations against her.

Through a message published on her Twitter account, the actress confirmed that the relatives of the other residents of the asylum where her grandmother lives want to sue her, Mrs. Eva Mange.

So sad !!! And they want to sue me and they are angry with me; I am the wrong person !!!He commented in one of his Twitter posts.

Nevertheless, Ernesto Cisneros, spokesperson for the relatives of the elderly who live in the asylum Le Grand Senior Living, released his version of what happened inside the residence, where his mother is also.

All of us, the 54 more residents and their relatives, are very worried, very angry, that for a single person, I don’t know why they have given so much circus, knowing what this woman is like, she has a name and surname, her name is Laura Zapata, who has used everyone to tell you pure lies. The effort they have made in Le grande unbeatable“, He explained during an interview for the show program ‘Sale El Sol’.

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Although Cisneros confirmed that the elderly have been locked up for more than 100 days, the local authorities maintain impeccable health protocols and that the only danger is the actress, who has settled in with her grandmother.

We just had a Zoom of all the relatives with the authority requesting that this woman please leave there, we do not want her in there, she goes out like crazy, runs in the corridors shouting that they kill the old men thereHe commented.

So he categorically confirmed that they are already preparing the criminal complaint against the actress.

“The 54 residents are going to criminally sue Laura Zapata and I make her guilty at this time if something happens to my mother.”

On the other hand, the results of the investigations carried out by the authorities were released a few days ago, so, through a document, they explained that, as the actress denounced, they found some irregularities:

An imminent risk to the lives of the residents of the site was detected, as well as non-optimal hygienic and sanitary conditions for which the corresponding seals were placed.“Is part of what is read in the job published on the television star’s social network.


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