Learn the story behind Juan Gabriel’s Japanese songs

Learn the story behind Juan Gabriel's Japanese songs

Juan Gabriel He was a star of international stature and his songs were heard in different languages, one of them was Japanese. His hits “I don’t have money” and “I’m left alone” were the ones selected to be taken to the eastern country by Divo de Juárez himself, and if you don’t know the story of it, here we tell you.

It happened at the end of the 70s, according to the media Verne, the songs were part of a draft from the BMG label to introduce the singer-songwriter to the Asian market that finally didn’t work out. The curious thing about this is that Eduardo Magallanes, a producer with whom Juan Gabriel worked for more than 40 years, was not involved in the making of these singles, as he was not working with him when they were recorded.

The approach to the songs was treated with great care and the pronunciation of the Divo was accurate. Unfortunately the success he had in his native country was not repeated in Japan and Juan Gabriel did not get the first places in the Japanese popularity charts. Some believe that the low response was due to the lack of advertising promotion, in addition to the fact that after the two singles an album was not finalized and the issues remained in the air.

These two songs were also recorded in Portuguese and although they did not have an explosive response from the public, they are now considered jewels by fans of Divo de Juárez.

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