Learn to recognize the types of vinegar and their properties

Alivia las agruras de forma natural con estos tres remedios caseros de manzana

Each type of vinegar is related to a specific set of properties

In nature it is possible to find elements that give rise to different types vinegar. And in turn, due to their innate properties, they can be used for various purposes. Thinking about it, below we review some types of vinegar and its properties.

Distilled white vinegar

According to an article on the Natural Castelló portal, white vinegar is distilled before the alcohol finishes converting into acetic acid, which is why this vinegar has a very strong and pronounced flavor on the palate.

Distilled white vinegar is used to make canned pickles and sauces.

Wine vinegar

It is obtained exclusively by fermentation. Depending on the wine it comes from, we will have different wine vinegars susceptible to different uses:

  • He red wine vinegar accentuates the flavor of red meat
  • He White wine vinegar used to make some sauces, such as mayonnaise

It is also possible to find garlic wine vinegars and fruit such as raspberries, strawberries, etc.

Apple vinager

Photo: Pixabay

It is very consumed by its delicate flavor and smooth texture. It can be made from the pulp of the apple or its juice. It can also be made from cider or fermented apple.

It can be used for salads, adding a touch of apple that combines very well with fish, light sauces and white meats

Rice vinegar

A mild vinegar that is extracted from rice fermentation whose color ranges from white to pale gold. It is commonly used in the Japanese cuisine, being the vinegar with which the well-known Sushi is prepared. It has an acidic, but subtle taste.

Know them types of vinegar and the properties of each one will help you determine which is the best depending on what you want to achieve, which will affect your purchase process and also your health.


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