Leaving your past behind… to finally move forward

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I would like to warn you.

If you have read our previous articles “The Stress Tub Theory” and “Dear guilt: GOODBYE!”...

Then you understood that the causes of your uncontrollable anger and your guilt largely come from your past.

Besides, if you have followed other blogs, other programs, everyone offers methods to explore your past.

But often it stops there.

Many promise mothers who find themselves in phases of fragility that exploring their past will make them permanently zen and fulfilled.

This is doubly wrong.

First, we cannot be Zen all the time.
It’s an empty promise.

We will never be able to be a 100% positive mom, fit, attentive, zen and resourced, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
It’s impossible. We are human, and that’s OK!

On the other hand, we can learn to know ourselves, to listen to what is happening inside us, to accept ourselves as we are, even when we “slip” and to discover new ways of thinking, new behaviors …

This is what we want to convey to you with the program “Imperfect… and proud to be”.

Second, digging into your past is necessary…
But that’s not enough.

Leave your past behind

As far as I am concerned, I “worked” a lot on my story.
It opened my eyes.

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I realized that I was repeating many family patterns.
I understood where my reaction to violence and injustice came from.
I understood that I had built myself with very strong demands since my childhood.

Somehow, I was relieved to realize that my reactions had an explanation.

And at the same time sad to still feel trapped in this past, which kept making me implode and explode so often.

I was stuck in my past for so many years.

I was missing a step.
A step to be at peace with my past.

Fortunately, I met some wonderful women.

Their approaches were different.
I trained in their methods, and they taught me how to transform my past wounds into life force.
To let go of my old guilty beliefs, to be able to move forward.

They taught me to take stock of my REAL needs and choose the behaviors that really make me feel good today.
(and to leave aside those who belong to my past)

I also learned to “cut” or “switch” my mind, when the negative ruminations become too painful.

And you can do it too.

Leave your past behindLeave your past behind

If you decide to join the “Imperfect and proud of it” program, then you will:

  • Exploring your past, to understand where your reactions come from – in Modules 1 and 2;
  • Learning new behaviors and ways of thinking, adapted to the person you are today (making peace with your past, and leaving it behind) – in Modules 3 and 4.
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You will find in particular the approaches of Nathalie Bridonneau, Louise Hay and Lise Bourbeau, who have helped me so much.

Take a look at the content of the program modules by clicking here

I take this opportunity to share with you a message from Aurore, psychologist, who signed up for the program.
A message that resonates a lot with today’s email:

Leaving your past behind… to finally move forwardLeaving your past behind… to finally move forward
Leaving your past behind… to finally move forwardLeaving your past behind… to finally move forward

Click here to join

Take care of yourself !


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