Legend of Mayáhuel, the goddess of the agave who gave away the maguey drinks

Legend of Mayáhuel, the goddess of the agave who gave away the maguey drinks

Mayáhuel goddess with punches in her hand and sitting on a turtle (the land that emerges from the sea). On the sides there are elements related to obtaining mead. Source: Codex Laud

Photo: John Pohl’s Mesoamerica / Codices of the Borgia Group / Creative Commons

He mead, pulque, tequila, mezcal, sotol and raicilla, They are products of mexican origin that come from maguey. Legend has it that the maguey is a magical plant gift of the Nahuatl goddess Mayáhuel to bring joy to men.

Mayahuel was a beautiful young woman who had in her possession a magic plant that would give joy and other gifts to the human being. She lived far from the other gods cared for by her jealous grandmother Cicímitl.

One day, the gods said you had to give something to men for what they were not sad, they will take the pleasure of living, they will praise, sing and dance.

Ehécatl (god of the wind and one of the advocations of Quetzalcoatl) went to look for the virgin goddess Mayáhuel. The goddesses slept, woke up the virgin and convinced her to take her to the world. He carried her on his back and they descended, in flight, the gods fell in love.

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When the grandmother woke up and could not find the young woman, she went down with her other granddaughters to earth to look for her.

To not be found, the couple became a magical plant with two branches, one was that of Ehécatl, and the other was that of the Mayáhuel.

The pursuers only saw plants and stones, but they identified a different plant by recognizing their sister. The old goddess cruelly shattered her and gave each of the other goddesses a piece, and they ate it.

TO Ehécatl they did nothing to him. When the goddesses left, regained its shape, He took the remains of his beloved and carefully planted it, watering it every day with his tears.

Legend of Mayáhuel, the goddess of the agave who gave away the maguey drinks
Agave plants in Mexico. Photo: German López / Pixabay

In time the magic plant reappeared, but Mayahuel was unable to regain his form, staying forever in the metlwhat is he maguey or agave.

The goddess Mayáhuel is represented as a young woman who emerges from a maguey plant, sometimes he has cups of pulque in his hands, although it can also have thorns or fibers. According to Mexican Archeology, Mayáhuel is also related to the group of goddesses of fertility and fertility.


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