Lewandowski: “There is talk of a specific club… I don’t consider offers from other teams”

Lewandowski: "Se habla de un club en concreto... no considero ofertas de otros equipos"

Lewandowski speaks again to make it clear that next season he will not continue to wear the Bayern shirt. In an interview for the Polish media Onet Sport, He repeats again that he wants to leave the German club: “I’m leaving because I want new challenges in my life. At Bayern they didn’t want to listen to me until the end. Something inside me turned off. After all, I can’t imagine what happened in the last few months“said the Polish striker who has very clear ideas.

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The still Bayern player made it clear, without ever naming Barcelona, ​​where he wants to play next season: “The list of clubs interested in me is not very long… there is a lot of talk about a specific club; I am not considering other offers“making it very clear what the player’s preference is, but without the name of the Barça club coming out of his mouth. Barcelona, ​​despite only having one year left on the player’s contract, will have to scratch their pockets to be able to sign him.

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The striker also had time to give some more clues about his future: “I already have a house in Spain. I speak a little Spanish” giving a new clue that his future lies in playing next year in LaLiga Santander. Lewandowski is very clear that playing in Spain is one of the challenges that remain in his career and he is willing to fulfill it this summer, but from the German club they show no signs of making it easy.

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The footballer does not think that Bayern will prevent him from fulfilling his dream of leaving the club: “What for? What kind of player will then want to come to Bayern knowing that something like this could happen to him? Where are then the loyalty and respect? I have always been ready, I have spent 8 beautiful years here, I have met so many wonderful people and I would like to keep it that way. Loyalty and respect are more important than work. The best way is to find a solution togetherLewandowski stated.

The journalist from Onet Sportt asks him if he wants new challenges for reasons of motivation after winning everything at Bayern: “Well, I think it’s going in that direction. I’m going to leave my friends I spent 8 years with some of them, we saw each other every day, we spent time. These are real friendships “completes the player remembering his teammates. These are not the first statements in which the player confirms the desire to leave Bayern.


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