LG Introduces Transparent OLED Screen Concepts


While the halls of CES will be almost deserted because of the health situation which has worsened in recent weeks, the few exhibitors still announced as present in the stands in Las Vegas are carving out the lion’s share. In the absence of Google and Microsoft, all eyes will therefore be on smaller companies, but just as important in the tech world.

Apple and LG, a long history

A supplier to Apple for years, LG is still a company whose CES novelties are scrutinized with more attention than others. Indeed, the Korean firm designs the screens of many iPhones and the development prowess exhibited in the Vegas booths could well give us clues about the novelties of the telephones of tomorrow.

Thus LG Display intends to make its arrival in Nevada with transparent screens like the OLED shelf, but also a smart window. As for the first of these two concepts, it’s made up of two 55-inch transparent OLED screens built on top of each other.

Futuristic concepts already ready for production

According to the company, the latter would be ideal in a living room, allowing artwork, photos or a TV show to be displayed on each of the two screens. With an “always on display” mode, the screen is not designed to be turned off, but to always display a decorative element, which can be changed with just a few clicks.

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But LG Display also presents other concepts, such as a smart window. The latter, which LG has not yet released any image is thought to make video calls or office work.

If these concepts are designed more to make people dream and smile than to introduce themselves into our daily lives as “must to have”, LG ensures that these products are ready to go into production and that the brand would even be able to help one of its customers to do so if the latter wanted to.

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