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4 quick and fresh Light Summer dinner ideas


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If it is increasingly difficult for you to plan healthy dinners, take advantage of the beginning of summer to create the lightest and healthiest dishes that will be a great ally to take care of the line and enjoy without complications

It’s very probable that at the end of a day of work and regular daily activities have little inspiration to spend a long time in the kitchen. For many people plan dinners, it is one of the most complicated meals of the day, especially when we want to take care of the line.

The good news is that with the arrival of summer and the increase in ambient temperatures, the options of healthy and light dinners.

It is the perfect season of the year to unleash fresh, colorful, and uncomplicated dishes, there are all kinds of easy and exquisite recipes such as salads, pasta, ceviches, cold creams, and in general an abundant use of whole-grain foods as is the case of fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and more.

If you feel like lately, you eat the same and you’re interested to keep a healthy weight, these cymbal ideas will surely be a good ally To enjoy nutritious and satisfying dinners over a week.

Fresh, Nutritious, and Light Summer Dinner Ideas:

1. Potato Ceviche

Ceviches are a wonderful dish for the hot season, they stand out for being preparations fresh, light, full of flavors and colors. Best of all, you can be as creative as you want and use all kinds of ingredients although they are normally prepared with seafood and fish; vegetarian options are a simple and exquisite alternative.

This potato ceviche is simply unmatched, it will be ready in a few minutes, occupies few and easy ingredients, It is satiating and perfect to end the day, accompany it with a few slices of avocado and corn toast.

2. Pumpkin Paste

Light Summer Dinner Ideas

This is probably one of the most popular healthy recipes today, It is part of numerous diets and eating plans. It is a plate very easy to prepare and a good satiating low carb option, for those who prefer to avoid them at night. Accompany them with cherry tomatoes, olive oil, a good Parmesan cheese, and fresh basil. You will forget that you are not eating pasta!

3. Oriental Salad

Abundant, fresh, and very healthy, This salad is characterized by its richness in vegetables full of nutritional properties such as lettuce, peppers, and cabbage, which are very low in calories and rich in vitamins and antioxidants. You can accompany it with shredded or grilled chicken, or if you prefer to supply it for some fresh, low-fat cheese, best of all is the final touch that brings your light and citrus vinaigrette.

4. Pasta Salad With Peas and Edamame

Lose your fear of the myth of dining pasta. Remember that it is all about the portions and the way food is prepared. As part of a balanced diet having pasta with vegetables is a delicious dinner, especially for Those days when you ate light. A good option is contemplated wholegrain pasta variants, always accompany her with abundant vegetables and season with extra virgin olive oil, vinegar; avoid creamy sauces and cheeses, to create a healthy balance.

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