Lightning wins in the storm

Lightning wins in the storm

Broken by the rain, the schedule, even the real lack of goals of the Spanishwhich is believed to be saved, the only thing missing in the afternoon was the appearance of the VARone more actor in the games of the parakeets, to turn it into a Perfect storm in which the great beneficiary was the Vallecano Ray. That the merits of him did. A disputed goal Sergio Guardiola that tastes like glory, that breaks a streak of 13 days without winning (the worst in history) and that chase away the flames of hell. And that, overnight, places Iraola’s men two points behind only the Blue and Whites, whose stands ended up asking for Rufete’s departureyour sports director.

Espanyol Shield/Flag

VAR always falls on the butter side, lament Espanyol. in the week of Rubiales Y Piqueof the surreal show with the controversial penalty that the parakeet supposed against the Athletic with the time fulfilled, in the return of Mateu Lahoz after two weeks without refereeing in LaLiga due to another suspicion in Getafe-Mallorca, with González González in the VOR room as a last-minute substitute for the no less controversial Stable Fernandezprotagonist in the Seville-Real Madrid, video arbitration returned to persecute those of Vicente Moreno in a defensive action. in the gGuardiola’s oleon second play and help from Diego López, with an offside that could be millimeter and that according to the VAR Puado broke. What surely broke was the patience of the RCDE Stadium, which took it with Mateu. With Rubiales. And with the Federation.

Lightning Shield/Flag

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Nor is it that Espanyol had shown much until 0-1, with Aleix on the wing and the return of Yangel Herrera, beyond the connection between Pedrosa and Puado. Not later, except a cross shot by Raúl de Tomás. No more in any case of a Lightning that had the second in a Álvaro García’s whiplash that hit the post Diego Lopez right-hander. Totally lost was Vicente Moreno’s team in a second half in which he did not shoot on goalto the point that the chants against Rubiales led to much more domestic ones: Cornellà sang the “Rufete, go now” and, to a lesser extent, “directive, resignation”.


Embarba (45′, Keidi), Melamed (64′, Tony Vilhena), Pathe Ciss (65′, Trejo), unai lopez (73′, Comesana), Loren Moron (78′, Javier Puado), Manu Morlanes (79′, Yangel Herrera), wu lei (86′, Aleix Vidal), Nteka (90′, Sergio Guardiola), Mario Suarez (90′, Oscar Valentin)


0-1, 41′: Sergio Guardiola


Referee: Antonio Miguel Mateu Lahoz
VAR Referee: José Luis González González
Trejo (39′, Yellow) Mario Hernandez (45′, Yellow) Embarba (49′, Yellow) Comesana (57′, Yellow) Frank Garcia (75′, Yellow) Alex Vidal (85′, Yellow) Cabrera (91′, Yellow) lime (93′, Yellow


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