Lili Estefan confesses that she also writes with Alex Rodríguez

Lili Estefan confiesa que también se escribe con Alex Rodríguez

In the midst of the scandal of the alleged infidelity ‘by text’ of Alex Rodriguez to Jennifer Lopez with a young woman named Madison lecroy, Lili estefan confessed that she also sends messages with the former athlete.

“I can show my conversations with Alex, which has nothing to do with infidelity, I think”Lili started saying with her phone in hand, and ready to show the exchange of messages she had with the player.

Raúl asked him to read the messages. Lili explained that they were from February 7 of last year, and they were talking about the marketing of Presidente beer, which is owned by JLo’s couple.

Lili, who seemed to justify the controversy surrounding Rodriguez, said that perhaps he contacted LeCory to offer to be the model for his beer. Something that De Molina threw him to the ground, because he assured that if he needed something of that style, it would not be the owner but professionals in charge of it.

Let us remember that these texts, which the young model claims to have, where Alex made alleged risque proposals, have not yet come to light. What’s more, LeCory assured that she wishes Rodriguez the best, that she does not want to affect her family, nor does she want to put hers in trouble.

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