Linet Puente is hospitalized in an emergency

Linet Puente is hospitalized in an emergency

Yesterday it was circulated on social networks that a host of “Ventaneando” had been hospitalized, and although at first it was not known who it was, it has now come to light that Linet Puente suffered an incident while eating prior to the start of the program , something for which she had to be transferred to an emergency hospital near the television station.

The host of “Ventaneando” was in the forum eating fish, when she began to make signs pointing to her throat, producer Ximena Wilkins immediately knew that something was wrong and they thought she was drowning.

However, with difficulty she managed to mention that she had a thorn stuck in her throat and the television station’s medical team took her to a place where they could observe with a lamp, but they would need special equipment to remove the thorn and she had to be transferred to a hospital.

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