Lis Vega goes out to dance without a bra

Lis Vega sale a bailar sin sostén

Lis Vega went dancing on Instagram. The celebrity of Cuban origin appeared in a black outfit: fitted pants and a matching top. Under it, she was obviously not wearing a bra. His movements exposed a good part of her right breast. Seeing her move so much, everyone was waiting for what could be done with or without meaning to.

“Fill yourself with good energy,” says Lis Vega. Who also dances remembering that on Friday nights many go to party, because on the weekend you can get up late.

Before the dance, Lis shared another video to expose all her outfit in detail. The closeness of her panning showed, again, that under this top there is no underwear to protect her curves. And it seems that the Cuban woman likes to seduce her fans with this type of publication.

Days before the singer, actress and model even dared to go out with a jumpsuit full of holes and did not wear underwear either. In the midst of everything he left the most naked in this post was his butt.


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