Listless and without energy? Discover 4 natural stimulants that will fill you with vitality

¿Apático y sin energía? Descubre 4 estimulantes naturales que te llenarán de vitalidad

If you wake up tired and in a bad mood, try these natural allies will be of great help to give you an extra dose of energy and vitality

Do you feel very little desire to start the day? The body is wise and at all times we send signals than reflect our state of healthLearning to interpret and attend to these messages is an important health measure.

Feeling extremely fatigued, with apathy, suffer constantly mood / mood disturbances, have headaches and some digestive ailments, are messages that usually indicate deficiencies in the immune system and other conditions that cause major health disorders.

The truth is that they exist numerous factors that directly influence our energy levels. Among the main ones are aspects such as current lifestyle which leads us to live fast and with high stress levels, follow a poor diet, a bad rest, bad habits (such as smoking and excessive alcohol consumption), sedentary life, the worries, anger and Bad mood. Absolutely everything intervenes in how we feel and live.

While there are many stimulant products available on the market, the good news is that nature puts within our reach wonderful alternatives of great medicinal potential. The stimulating foods They’re a great 100% natural option And the best of all is that they relate to no side effects, at the same time they are very useful for those people who for some reason cannot consume caffeine. They not only relate to extremely positive effects to lift the body, fill it with vitality and improve performance, each is associated with great therapeutic and curative potential.

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Table of Contents

1. Rosemary

Rosemary is a highly aromatic medicinal plant that stands out for its extraordinary culinary and medicinal uses. It belongs to the plant Rosmarinus officinalis and its aromatic oils are related to wonderful stimulating benefits, in fact over the years it has been used by people who work in the field as an ally to face the hard days. It is related to a highly effective repairing effect to combat physical and mental fatigue.

Thanks to your powerful composition and aromatic oils is associated with benefits for stimulates the central nervous system, instills a certain euphoria that helps combat the states of chronic fatigue and apathy. It is recommended to consume in natural infusion, two cups a day or as tincture (50 mg per day) dissolved in water, juices, smoothies or tea.

Rosemary infusion. / Photo: Shutterstock

2. Ginseng

Ginseng is a popular chinese medicinal plant, to which magnificent medicinal benefits are attributed. Which are related to its content in substances called ginsenosides, who are responsible for their stimulating goodness which help revitalize the body. At the same time it is related to effects to positively stimulate the Central Nervous System, increases physical resistance and the ability to adapt to changes and stress. In medicine chinese herbalism Raw raia is used and drunk as an infusion, although it can also be consumed in extract, tincture, liquid or capsules.

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Asian formulas with ginseng.
Ginseng./Photo: Shutterstock

3. Guarana

One of the medicinal treasures most representative of the Amazon area, is known as one of the plants of greater stimulating power. Its benefits are due to the fact that it is rich in two alkaloids the methylxanthine family: theophylline and theobromine, at the same time is related to great advantages since it is free of the addictive effect of coffee or tea. Among its great qualities is its power to act immediately in the body, is therefore popularly known for being a great ally for people who perform strenuous jobs, high performance athletes and any job that requires great concentration. Lrecommendation is consume it in powder mixed in juices, smoothies or yogurt, although the capsules they are also an extraordinary option.

Guarana. / Photo: Shutterstock

4. Ginko Biloba

He ginko biloba is a tree highly appreciated, especially its leaves which are considered a powerful herbal remedy to improve health, fight free radicals and reduce certain aging processes. Among its great qualities it is characterized by its high content in flavones, lactones and phytosterols that give them neuroprotective properties, peripheral vasodilators, diuretics and antioxidants. At the same time it is a stimulant that not only rise the levels of energy of the entire organism, one of its most outstanding qualities is due to its power to enhance cognitive functioning, above all improves memory and concentration. The best way to consume it is by making a infusion with its leavess, although there are also various supplements available in the health food stores.

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ginko biloba
Ginko biloba. /Photo:; Shutterstock


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