Live transfer market | News and today’s breaking news, April 30

Live transfer market |  News and today's breaking news, April 30

Live transfer market | News and today's breaking news, April 30

Marcos Alonso joins the casting

Rudiger lead the exit door Chelsea. And she could accompany him Mark Alonso. Post United, who already dressed him as a Barça player, announced it, and it was confirmed minutes later by Fabrizio Romano, with a high percentage of reliability in anticipating movements in the transfer market.

The man from Madrid, a recent regular on the lists of Luis Enrique and in the left lane of the lineups of Thomas Tuchel, is another option of the corsage. Beside Grimaldo, Tagliafico either Javier Galanwhom AS has already pointed to the list of candidates for the sweet transition that the Barcelona for the left side, in which Jordi Alba He will be giving up the baton at 33 years old. A profile similar to the one she already had with Maxwell.

Descendant of a soccer saga in which his grandfather, framesleft a mark on the real Madridand his father, framesin it Atletico Madridwas raised in the Castile soon to emigrate to England, stand out in the Calcium and hatch in the Chelseawhere he has become a footballing adult.

The contract does not end this summer, as Rudigerbut the next one, in 2023. The Barca, therefore, should pay a transfer, knowing its narrow economic and financial margin. However, and as both sources point out, the active role of Mark Alonso would be key, alluding to personal reasons to soften the Chelsea in the negotiations in full uncertainty of the London club, beheaded without property.

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