Livia Brito attacks a reporter from Ventaneando

Livia Brito attacks a reporter from Ventaneando

It seems that the controversy does not end for Livia Brito, as she once again starred in an episode of violence, but this time with a reporter from Ventaneando.

The events occurred this Friday in the San Ángel area, where Livia was recording the promos for her new telenovela; At first, the Cuban was friendly and even agreed to speak for the TV Azteca cameras with the phrase “Excuse me one second”.

Once the actress asked not to be followed, the reporters took their distance to respect the indications that the production gave her, but seeing an opportunity again, they approached again and it was there that her impulsive behavior surfaced.

As long as they didn’t record her, she turned off the reporter’s cell phone camera, holding his hands for several minutes, making it clear that she would not give an interview.

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