Log analysis: Which software to use?

Log analysis: Which software to use?

Log analysis is an SEO technique regularly used by SEO specialists. It allows you to understand the behavior of google bots (desktop, mobile, ads, etc.) on your site. It is an effective way to find surgical optimizations and to understand very concretely what may be problematic for you.

To analyze the logs we can always try to understand thousands of lines in a text file or try to process them with Excel, but that would take a lot of time. The tools that we present here are able to give meaning to your data thanks to graphics, dashboards, url explorers, …

Whatever the tool it will take:

We list the benchmark log analysis software for you:


It is the star log analysis software, which defines itself as “a technical SEO platform to open Google’s black box”. OnCrawl allows you to upload logs, crawl your website and inject data from third-party software, such as Search Console, Google Analytics or your CRM. Very graphic, it will allow you to build clear reports and unravel certain mysteries of crawler behavior! The software offers a wide range of subscriptions as needed.

OnCrawl delivers a certification on the use of its software, certification that 1st Position obtained in 2020.


Log analysis: Which software to use?

SEOlyzer was Freemium software that we have seen growing month after month, gaining in functionality and efficiency.

It is now available in a free version, limited to one site and 10,000 URLs / month to test it, but it will take on its full value with its cross-analyzes, available with its Start, Pro, Premium or Business subscriptions!


Log analysis: Which software to use?Botify is a log analysis software, created by Frenchman Adrien Menard, that you can combine with the Botify Analytics and Botify Keyword tools. Several packages are available, Essential, Pro, Enterprise depending on your needs, and it is possible to request a demonstration of the tool.

Screaming Frog

Log analysis: Which software to use?

The software of all good SEO! A function present in this famous crawler allows the analysis of logs. Its advantage is that this function is included in the cost of the software, you will only need your logs! Its disadvantage: the aesthetic appearance and a use that will require a powerful computer, especially if you inject data from third-party software.

TIPS: Google search console

We cannot say that Google Search Console is a log analysis tool (far from it) however we can get an idea of ​​the passage of bots in “Settings> Exploration statistics”

Exploration statistics

Contact us to conduct a log analysis.

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