Losing weight has never been easier: reverse diet, eat more to lose weight

Losing weight has never been easier: reverse diet, eat more to lose weight

Eating more and better is the key to ensuring a healthy long-term weight and avoiding the rebound effect

Lose weight has become one of the health issues most important today, is one of the best and largest measures to gain health, live longer and better. While is true that Eat excessively is one of the main causes of overweight and obesity and is even directly related to an increased risk of developing degenerative diseases, the quality of calories that we consume directly influences.

The reality is that currently diverse nutrition specialists agree that the ratio of calories we expend and the ones we ingest not enough to reach a conclusion about the kilos that we gain or lose. In a way the theory that we have believed for years about eat less, today has a different vision.

It is worth mentioning that eating less is a practice that is associated with health benefits, among which stands out weight loss, the purification of the organism, better energy levels and it is a good method in disease prevention. However at cut calories Regardless of its quality or origin, it intervenes in a negative way, excluding other important biological mechanisms. The biggest drawback of these caloric reductions without sustenance, is derived in the famous rebound effect; process in which the body before a restrictive diet reacts by slowing down and impairing the metabolism. In other words, the organism enters its “Power saving mode” like a kind of protection mechanism and the fat storage in the body.

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The solution to the rebound effect: reverse diet

Yes, it is a fact that to lose weight it is necessary eat fewer calories. However, paying attention to the comprehensive quality of the food we consume, we will achieve lose weight more effectively and especially in the long term. Considersr healthy foods with great nutritional power, is automatically the perfect ally to avoid altering the feelings of hunger and satiety. The body does not respond in the same way when eating a muffin industryl, that a handful of nuts; The difference is that the former belongs to the group of processed foods, which are related to insulin spikes and other health problems. For her part dried fruits may contain the same calories but provide quality energy, are slowly absorbed, provide fiber, vegetable proteins and healthy fats, its completely different value.

The reverse diet works well for those who want keep the weight off or for the typical cases where “Weight loss stalls.” Consists in increase progressively calorie consumption, until you return to recommended intake per day (ie without caloric restriction). It is a good alternative to help the metabolism to regain your normal rhythm and above all it is a good tool to stabilize it.

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What is key is to choose the quality of food that are consumed, since their nutritional power intervenes directly in the hormonal system and therefore is directly related to the production of leptin and thyroid hormones, both control important aspects such as fat burning, metabolism and appetite.

Some tips to eat more and better:

  • Includes consumption of quality carbohydrates, are of great help to increase leptin levels and help reduce the risk of rebound effect. You will find them in foods such as whole grains, oats, legumes and some fruits such as apple and orange.
  • Consume foods rich in protein and fiber. The main recommended sources are products such as eggs, lean meat, chicken, fish, legumes, and most vegetables and fruits.
  • Avoid consuming processed foods, among which refined cereals, pastries, sausages, saturated fats and simple sugars stand out. They are responsible for causing various hormonal imbalances.
  • Integra natural drinks and medicinal infusions that keep the body well hydrated, help improve the fiber performance.
  • Avoid dining too late and generally tries to establish fixed times for meals.


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