Lotus Eletre, details, power, dimensions and data

Lotus Eletre, details, power, dimensions and data

The transformation of Lotus is underway and proof of this was the presentation a few hours ago of the new lotus eletrethe brand’s first SUV and the first purely electric model.

According to the brand, this model takes the basic principles and DNA of Lotus, however, we are not so clear.

The Eletre takes the heart and soul of Lotus’ latest sports car, the Emira, and the revolutionary aerodynamic performance of the all-electric hypercar, the Lotus Evija, and reinterprets them as a Hyper-SUV.

Known until two days ago only by his code name Type 132the Lotus Eletre is a product of worldwide relevance.

lotus eletre

The Eletre has a 4WD system, has a battery capacity of more than 100kWh and offers more than 600 horsepower. A 350kW charger will provide una autonomy of 400 km in just 20 minutes and the brand promises autonomy of about 600 km.

The model features 22kW AC charging capability which, when available, reduces grid connection time.

The Lotus SUV has the most advanced active aerodynamics package in any production SUV and intelligent driving technologies, such as the world’s first LIDAR in a production car.

According to Lotus itself, the Eletre is the first in a new family of high-performance, premium electric vehicles to be built at a production plant in Wuhan, China.

lotus eletre side

The Eletre is built on the new Electric Premium Architecture (EPA) from Lotus. The very low-to-the-ground design promises exceptional dynamics.

The design of the Lotus Eletre has been led by Ben Payne. His team has created a bold and spectacular new model with a forward stance, long wheelbase and very short overhangs front and rear. Creative freedom comes from the absence of a petrol engine under the bonnet, while the short bonnet echoes styling cues from Lotus’s iconic mid-engine layout.

The model has very thin and technical light clusters that house the daytime running lights and turn signals. The main lights, which are available with matrix technology, are housed below, recessed and partially hidden.

Lotus Eletre rear

The aggressive rake of the windshield is clearly visible in profile, with a relatively narrow glass area, and a black cantrail located at the top flows to the rear. That leads to a unique floating D-pillar, embossed with the Eletre wordmark and featuring an innovative “air blade” that helps reduce drag.

Each mirror is replaced by three different cameras: one for the rearview mirror, a second to help create a 360-degree view of the car, and a third for the driving systems.

At the rear, a full-width ribbon light strip adds an impressive look to the model.

Lotus Eletre, details, power, dimensions and data

The rear is dominated by the unique carbon fiber ‘floating’ split roof spoiler.

The Eletre takes Lotus interiors to a unprecedented new level. The technical and performance-oriented design is visually lightweight and uses premium materials to deliver an exceptional customer experience. Shown with four individual seats, it is available to customers alongside the more traditional five-seat layout. Above, a fixed glass panoramic sunroof adds spaciousness and light to the model.

The interior uses highly durable, premium-touch man-made microfibers at the main contact points, and an advanced wool-blend fabric.

The interior is inspired by the Lotus Emira and Evija, creating a pampered feeling. The layering of materials and textures creates a truly premium feel.

The dimensions of the lotus eletre They are 5,103 mm long, 2,235 mm wide, 1,630 mm tall and 3,019 mm wheelbase.

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