Lucero confesses that he had COVID-19 and infected his daughter Lucerito: “I did not want to worry anyone”

Lucero confiesa que tuvo COVID-19 y contagió a su hija Lucerito: “No quería preocupar a nadie”

bright Star He narrated how his experience with VOVID-19 was, a disease he suffered some time ago and that he preferred to keep secret until he was out of danger.

The actress and singer surprised her fans by announcing that she was another victim of the Coronavirus, a disease she contracted a few weeks ago after performing a concert via streaming, all despite the fact that he maintained all the necessary precautionary measures to avoid contagion.

I want to tell you that I was infected with COVID, I was infected and fortunately I got out of it, thank God, and there are many factors that helped me to be well. I want to tell you because it is not something to hide, it is a world situation to which we are all exposed“, Revealed during the most recent episode of his YouTube channel called” Much to tell. “

The interpreter of hits such as “Survive” and “Electricity” narrated in detail what went through her mind when she confirmed that the virus was already lodged in her body: “The day I find out and discover through a PCR test that I am positive, logically I immediately feel a lot of fear, fear, I begin to think how it will touch me“.

He confessed that it is not explained how the virus arrived, since in their environment they have always maintained all the precautions and recommendations of health experts, such as the use of a mask at all times, in addition to limiting all their outings since the pandemic began.

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I would have preferred never to go through this contagion, I have been very lucky, but I tried never to catch it“Added the television star, who fortunately did not have serious life-threatening symptoms.

“I felt a little tired when exercising, I did not identify it as a symptom of COVID at the time, I thought that maybe I was more tired. I had certain details that made me decide to take the test. I was very careful, I don’t know how (the virus) got through. I did not feel breathing problems, I did not feel problems with oxygenation, ”he explained.

After submitting to the test and discovering that it came out positive, he confessed to having been afraid of not knowing what was going to happen, although fortunately he received medical attention from the experts almost immediately.

It is important to take care of yourself on time, as in my case, and take my medications as prescribed from the first moment to have complete health. I don’t suffer from other illnesses, I exercise, I eat well and that probably helped keep me from getting serious.“, Emphasizing that the severity of the disease does not depend on the economic or social position of the person suffering from it, so he asked not to take this type of prejudice into account.

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The actress also assured that, at the time, she preferred to be hermetic and not share this information to avoid speculation and worry those who love her. “I was very cautious and that is why I did not want to tell them at the time I was infected because I did not want to worry anyone, distress the people who love me. I preferred to be prudent and wait as it evolved“, He acknowledged.

He also confessed that he suffered a bit of anguish because he infected his daughter Lucerito, who fortunately was also treated and reacted to the treatment without complications.

I was very sad that I infected my daughter, my Lucero, but she also reacted very well in all aspects. I am very grateful to God and to life that she has done very well“, He sentenced.

bright Star He concluded his program by asking his followers not to lower their guard and maintain care to avoid infections, and although vaccines are already being given, we are still not free of the virus.

I wanted to ask you to continue taking care of yourself, continue with your care and take care of others. Can’t claim victory yet, the virus can be truly dangerousHe asked.

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