Luna, the first biodegradable motorcycle

Luna, the first biodegradable motorcycle

sustainability about two wheels taken to the extreme. After some delays caused by the covid health crisis, the New York company Tarform announces the sale of its original Moon model. It has two versions, scrambler and racer, and its price is 24,000 dollars (21,416 euros at the current exchange rate).

The project has taken four years to take its definitive form, under a neo-retro image that recreates the classic artisanal preparations. But the Moon stands out because all its manufacturing is modular to be able to reuse its components and it is made with scrupulous respect for the environment.

Tarform uses only recyclable materials, and those that cannot be reused are biodegradable. So it is with the plant-based seat leather (obtained from tea leaves and pineapple fibers) or the fairing itself, which is also made of bioplastic. The painting, for its part, is also made naturally and contains pigments extracted from seaweed mixed with iron.

Latest technology and sports performance

As it could not be otherwise in a vehicle with such ecological approaches, the engine is electric, without emissions, and delivers a power of 41 kW (55 CV) sufficient to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4 seconds and reach a considerable maximum speed of 193 km/h. The bike weighs 199 kilos.

10 kWh battery announces a maximum autonomy of 193 kilometers and it can be connected to a fast charging post, where it recovers 80% of its capacity in 50 minutes. But its modular manufacturing and the possibility of updating its technologies will allow, according to the manufacturer, improve these features as electrification technologies evolve.

For the rest, and despite its nostalgic style vintage and its minimalist image, the equipment is highly technological, with LED lighting, fully digital instrument cluster and advanced connectivity systems.

The two versions (Scrambler and Racer) share the same monobloc engine and battery mechanics, but are distinguished by details such as the seat, the headlight (fairing on the Racer) or the tires (with studs on the Scrambler).

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