Lupita Castro denounces Vicente Fernández: “He sexually abused me”

Lupita Castro denuncia a Vicente Fernández: “Abusó sexualmente de mí”

After she made it known through social networks because, supposedly, she had been harassed by Vicente Fernandez, singer Lupita castro she was a guest at the show ‘Live Gossip’ from TV star that they drive Elisa beristain Y Javier Ceriani to make a much more delicate and serious confession.

“He sexually abused me …”, tearfully shot Castro talking about Vicente Fernández, to the surprise of Beristain and Ceriani who seemed not prepared to receive such a confession.

Lupita assured that this statement was given to other shows such as ‘The fat and the skinny’ from Univision, for example, but that no one dared to give their testimony and that they even canceled participations.

Although 40 years have passed since this alleged violation, Castro said that as a result of COVID-19 he thought he did not want to leave this world without telling his truth, and that he is writing a book in which he recounts everything that happened with Don Chente.

“He sexually abused me … It’s true, I wouldn’t dare, not for God, or because I’m not that person … I was a minor and I was a virgin … He met me at the ‘Always on Sunday’ inn, he took me out of line, grabbed my arm “, Castro tells Ceriani and Beristain.

She says that from the moment she saw her, she offered her a job and that, as she was a minor, her parents accepted but under certain conditions such as a majority of them always accompanying her, be it Castro’s sister or someone else.

“It was 2 years, he was very nice, the whole family loved him … The sheep turned into a wolf one day …”, he continued relating.

The alleged sexual abuse said it was in San Luis, Potosí, Mexico. That Don Chente would have invited her to dinner, would have given her a drink that made her dizzy, and would have raped her in an armchair despite the fact that she assured that he said “no” several times.

“I told him ‘no, no, no’ and he did it anyway … He’s very strong and I’ve been wearing it for many years, I can’t take it anymore, I’m not lying, he knows it and thank God and this little gadget (the cell phone ) I am here… Although we are very advanced, in Mexico, this is not reported ”Castro continued saying to ‘Live Gossip’.

The singer said that after that alleged episode, she no longer wanted to work with him, and that even Vicente Fernández would have offered her a house, a car and everything she wanted, but that she was still in shock and only thought that her parents were not they will find out. That he only told his mother two weeks ago.

“Why Vicente if you have been able to grab any other woman? Why me? Why was I your prey? … Because I was innocent, because I didn’t know how to defend myself, Vicente answer me, because I’m going crazy, it wasn’t my fault, it was many years blaming me ”.

The Estrella TV show assured that today they will have it again giving more details, and invited Vicente Fernández and his team to defend themselves or give their version of the story.

We try to communicate with Vicente Fernández’s team to have a reaction on it, but so far we have not received a response.


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