Mac M1s can install any iOS app again

Mac M1s can install any iOS app again

A few days ago, Apple made it impossible to install iOS applications outside of the Mac App Store on Mac computers with an M1 chip. You should know that the Mac M1 under macOS Big Sur support iOS applications without any problem. But until Apple was blocked, you had to take advantage of third-party applications like iMazing in order to install iOS applications not authorized for operation on Mac, on your Mac M1, by looking for the .ipa file of the software in question.

For example, this allowed you to launch an iOS app like Instagram on your computer.

Subsequently, therefore, the Cupertino company made this maneuver impossible. But some users have realized that for a few hours, the procedure is again feasible without blocking on the part of the American giant.

So it is at new possible to install any iOS application on your Mac M1, including, therefore, all the iOS applications for which the developers have however clearly indicated that they do not want to appear on the Mac App Store so as not to be used on the Mac. Often, the reason for this refusal by developers is that a Mac version dedicated to the same service already exists.

As our colleagues at 9to5Mac indicate, however, this unlocking of Apple should not last long since it does not respect the wishes of the creators of applications. In the end, everything should be back to normal in the days to come. Until then, you can still take the opportunity to install iOS applications on your Mac M1 that you miss on Mac, like Instagram, but why not give it a shot with some games too.

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