Mac mini M1 breaks all records for energy consumption

Apple Mac Mini 2021

Apple announced it, but Apple did. If this is only a half-surprise as the energy consumption figures were already good for the latest MacBook Air and Pro, the other two models equipped with the M1 chip for the moment, the figures for the Mac mini, which also has this first 100% Apple processor have reason to “shame” Intel’s chipsets.

John Gruber from Daring Fireball indeed took the official power consumption figures for all Mac Minis from 2005 and compared them to the brand new Mac mini M1. The result is final.
The numbers show just how efficient the Mac mini 2020 M1 is when it comes to power consumption, and how power consuming the 2018 Mac mini was, despite the latter having significantly lower performance than the 2020 Mac mini, equipped with of the M1 chip.

3 times less energy efficient than the 2018 Mac mini

At rest, John Gruber explains that the Mac mini M1 consumes 7W of power while the 2018 6-core Mac mini Core i7 consumes 20W, which is almost 3 times more. The change is just as obvious when you use both machines at full power. The M1 chip indeed consumes 39W, while the model equipped with the Intel Core i7 processor consumes 122. Here again, the power ratio is multiplied by 3 between the two devices.

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When we look in detail at the comparative table between the different models, we realize that the maximum consumption of the Mac mini M1 is almost equivalent to the idle consumption of the 2005 model.

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