Apple MAC Mac mini M1 propels Apple to the top of...

Mac mini M1 propels Apple to the top of sales in Japan


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Japanese analytics firm BCN Retail has released new figures on desktop market trends in the Land of the Rising Sun. While over the summer, Apple held 15% of the market share, at the same level as Lenovo, the Apple brand saw this figure explode with the arrival of the new Mac mini, equipped with Apple Silicon technology.

Still according to Japanese analysts, Apple now holds nearly 30% of the market share on the archipelago, an increase of 14% was even noted in the week of launch of the Mac mini M1.

More generally, the Mac branch of Apple had a very good year 2020. The health context favoring teleworking, many users who had never used a Mac before made their first purchase in the Apple store this year. .

As Apple likes to point out, one in two buyers of a MacBook and a new customer for Apple, without any purchase in the brand’s computer branch.

Still increasing numbers

With the release at the end of the year of new Apple Silicon “M1” processors with incredible performance, many have fallen for Apple computers. Moreover, the Mac mini equipped with the M1 chip were offered at their launch, cheaper, than the Intel version that preceded them. This has led even more buyers to these new products, which only offers benefits to the user. With better power than the Intel versions, and a lower price, Apple has completely succeeded in its transition to Apple Silicon, and the Mac mini is selling very well, even outside the Japanese borders.

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In its last financial report, covering the July-September quarter, Apple announced record figures for the Mac sector. A record that should not stay long in Apple’s history since this quarter is already announced as more prolific for the Cupertino company.

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- Advertisement -Mac mini M1 propels Apple to the top of sales in JapanMac mini M1 propels Apple to the top of sales in Japan

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- Advertisement -Mac mini M1 propels Apple to the top of sales in JapanMac mini M1 propels Apple to the top of sales in Japan

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