Mac Studios have already arrived in France, long before everyone else

Mac Studios have already arrived in France, long before everyone else

During its last keynote, called “Peek Performance”, Apple presented several products, announcing that they will all be delivered on March 18, ie 10 days after the conference. But as often with this sort of thing, the dates are not exact, and some lucky ones may receive Apple products a few days before the original date.

Apple Mac Studio computer on its box

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Apple Mac Studio computer viewed from belowApple Mac Studio computer viewed from below

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Fairly common errors for Apple

This is what happened to Simon, a French buyer who was able to take advantage of his Mac Studio since yesterday, he who received it a few days in advance. He took advantage of this worldwide exclusivity to take several photos of the product, which are therefore the very first images of a Mac Studio since Apple’s keynote.

It is in any case not the first time, and certainly not the last, that Apple has had small logistical problems. Last May, the Apple brand had already delivered iPad Pro M1s in advance, a pleasant mistake made by the Cupertino company’s subcontractors who are mistaken about the delivery dates.

The Mac Studio: Apple’s new monster

Today the Mac Studio is available in France for 2299 € in its version with the M1 Max chip. The most high-end composition of the firm’s computer, with the ultra M1 processor, costs him 4599 €. From the few photos shared by Simon, it is impossible to know if the latter fell for the latest Apple chip or not, the two Mac Studios being identical from the outside.

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