MacBook Air M2 SSD is 30-50% slower than the M1 version

MacBook Air M2

Apple’s new MacBook Air caused quite a stir during its presentation at the latest WWDC conference. Indeed, with its M2 chip, the device has unprecedented power for such a model from the Apple brand. But in addition to this chip, Apple has worked a lot on the design of its new MacBook Air. Completely revised, the latter has regained all its meaning: light, portable, but powerful.

But while everyone had already studied the design and the chip of the device, the disassembly of the MacBook Air M2 had never been done. Max Tech’s YouTube channel took care of it first. In the recently released video, the YouTuber offers a thorough and thorough teardown of the device.

Storage as the only difference?

If overall the design of the MacBook Air M2 resembles that of other MacBook Airs in a few details, one detail caught the attention of Max Tech. Indeed, the model with a storage capacity of 256 GB has only one NAND part. As usual, Apple has always placed 2 such chips in its devices.

This problem had already been noticed on the MacBook Pro M2 also presented during the opening of the WWDC. The lack of a second storage chip results in slower SSD speeds. According to the first tests, the read and write speeds should be 30-50%.

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A unique SSD chip for the MacBook Air M2

On this new MacBook Air, like on other devices from the Apple brand, the storage chip is soldered to the motherboard, which makes it almost impossible to upgrade these devices, such as adding a second NAND chip. .

For the moment, Apple has given no explanation concerning this choice of components. Some dissatisfied users have tried to contact the after-sales service of the Cupertino company to request answers without obtaining more information from Apple.

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