MacBook buyers sue Apple

MacBook Pro M1

A new group action has just attacked Apple in the Northern District of the California Court of Justice, already prosecuting the accused for alleged illegal gambling on the App Store. According to the plaintiffs, Cupertino would have sold computers knowingly defective, causing serious technical problems on the side of the display. Daphne Pareas and Daniel Friend are the instigators of the complaint.

More precisely, it is in fact MacBooks equipped with a proprietary processor which are targeted here. After several days of use and for no apparent reason, their screens would indeed have cracked. Still others would have simply lost pixels, causing black areas preventing correct reading of software content. Often these take the form of rows or columns parallel to the format of the device.

No correct support

If it is still difficult – and in any case unlikely – to prove that Apple was indeed aware, disturbing facts come on the other hand to weigh down the case against Apple. Some customers who went to the store to have their machine repaired following these incidents were thus dismissed by the Genius Bar customer service, which considered that the manufacturer could not be held liable.

Unfortunately, this case has only reached the courts in the United States for the moment, and the legislation is relatively different within the French, Belgian, Canadian, Swiss or Moroccan regions. However, for example, France requires companies to guarantee their electronic products for two years. A law that concerns laptops as well as wireless headphones, connected watches and smartphones.

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False advertising ?

The judge will also have to decide on a potential misleading marketing positioning from Apple. By promoting the 13-inch MacBook Pro and MacBook Air “premium [en] quality, [en] reliability and [en] durability“, The company would therefore have misled consumers looking for a high-end, solid item.

A trial is requested, but no date has been set for the moment and it is also entirely possible that the Golden State will finally choose to give success to Apple’s lawyers. To be continued, therefore.

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