MacBook Pro M1 photo editing stands up to the competition

MacBook Air M1

If we already knew the breathtaking performance of the 13-inch MacBook Pro M1, the question of photo editing remained for the moment unanswered. But a test from professional photographer Andrew Hoyle closed the debate, praising the apple product. This test was carried out against a “beast”, a Windows PC specially designed for photo editing with 128 GB of RAM.

Andrew Hoyle thought to himself “Amazed” by the performance of Apple’s product and concludes that a Mac M1 is a safe bet for photographers looking to modernize.

He found that the MacBook Pro M1 with 16 GB of RAM could not perform as well as the Windows PC when both were using Photoshop under Intel, but once the beta was designed specifically for the Apple chip, the apple laptop has largely taken the lead.

“I tested how long it took for Photoshop (both in the Intel beta and M1 beta) to line up 19 raw images at full resolution and then merge them into a stacked image. It is a technique that I use regularly in the photography of my products, so it is important for me to have good efficiency here. Hoyle explains.

“Astonishing” results

“Intel-based Photoshop, via Rosetta 2, took 50.3 seconds to align the layers and 1 minute and 37 seconds to merge them. I compared it to an exceptionally powerful Windows desktop PC. The latter took 20 seconds to align the layers and 53 seconds to merge them. A real slap in the face for Apple’s product.

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But after this poor test for the Cupertino company, Hoyle focused on using the beta version of Photoshop which was designed for Apple’s M1 chip. With this new software, it only took 22 seconds to align the layers and 46.6 seconds to merge them. If the first data is slightly higher, the overall time is more interesting on the Apple computer, allowing the photographer to save 5 seconds.

Hoyle claims in his test that the M1 version of Lightroom also beat the PC when it comes to importing 100 raw images.

A weak point with video?

However, the PC was still much faster when it came to video. On the Intel version of Premiere, the MacBook M1 took more than 6 minutes to export a file, a time that was cut in half by using the beta version of the software designed for the M1 chip, thus dropping to just under 3 30 minutes. But that’s still way too long, compared to the Windows PC which completed the same export in 1 minute and 20 seconds.

Despite this delay in video exporting, Hoyle said he was “impressed” by the results of the Apple computer. “I’m very excited about the improvements that can be made on the software – which is still in beta – and on the computer itself. “

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Indeed for several days rumors have circulated around a new chip coming straight from Cupertino. Called M1X, the latter could be the new generation of Apple Silicon processors, it would arrive with performance putting the M1 chip on the mat. Some experts speak of an operating speed twice as fast as with current M1 computers. According to several rumors, this chip is expected in this year’s MacBook Pro and iMac Pro.

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