Macbor Eight Mile 500, for field or asphalt with the A2 license | Motorcycles

Macbor Eight Mile 500, for field or asphalt with the A2 license | Motorcycles

The motorcycles compatible with the A2 license are the gateway to the world of two wheels, models that are generally accessible, with a correct range of action and indicated to improve riding. The Macbor Eight Mile 500 targets this audience, but also those who possess card A, look for a motorcycle polyvalent. Is it availabe from 6,299 euros.

According to Macbor, he seeks a “balance between the spirit of scrambler from the 70s and the latest in technology ”, something that is evident in its design and equipment.

The fact that the motorcycle is offered in two versions with different characters. The first of them, called Street, has a more urban approach, black accents, mixed tires, a shortened suspension travel, seat located at 79 centimeters of soil and a free distance to it of 18 centimeters.

The second, called Scrambler, is designed for those who want ventureoff the asphalt, where it offers guarantees to a increased ground clearance (21 centimeters), mixed trail tires, a larger front wheel (19 inches), suspensions with greater travel and adjustable dampers in preload, compression and rebound.

Although they have specific elements, they also share The mMost of its technological equipment, as well as its mechanical section.

The headlights are Full LED, the instrumentation is digital with a color screen, the license plate holder is floating style, the driving position stands out for its ergonomics and the exhaust pipe is double.

They mount a 471cc twin-cylinder engine that develops 47 hp and has electronic injection, employs a frame in rectangular section with steel. Equip Nissin brakes with 298 mm discsand dual-piston calipers at the front, and a 240 rear disc at the rear.

The Macbor Eight Mile 500 Street is available from 6,299 euros, while the Macbor Eight Mile 500 Scrambler has a slightly higher rate, from 6,499 euros.

Macbor Eight Mile 500

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