Macbor Montana XR5, a real adventurer | Motorcycles

Macbor Montana XR5, a real adventurer | Motorcycles

A motorcycle of trail, or from mixed use on road and field, which meets with a note in both scenarios and achieves a duality of characteristics unusual between these models, which tend to lean towards one of the facets and lag in the opposite.

But the Macbor Montana XR5 is a conjunction of two motorcycles in one, suitable for asphalt and also to leave it, with almost the same operation in each case. And, apart from being fun to drive, Macbor’s model also does not neglect functionality in the daily use nor the traveling skills.

An affordable ‘trail’

The price is the icing on the cake, because it brings together quality and equipment and is available from 6,699 euros, an adjusted rate. The motor, two-cylinder and 471cc, is limited to 47 hp, so the model is compatible with the A2 card And it also provides good performance and meets the standard of Euro5 emissions.

In the extensive test, in which 700 kilometers have been covered by back roads, forest tracks and enduro trails, the Macbor Montana he has been very competent.

The unit piloted was fitted with Metzeler Tourance tires, notable on asphalt and surprising for their resistance and efficiency on gravel, although with enduro studded tires the traction on the track would have improved and the comfort on the road diminished.

Macbor Montana XR5, a real adventurer | Motorcycles

Macbor Montana: effective in the field

In the routes there were many sections of forest roads fast, but also many ups and downs broken, on loose stones, a few streams and dry rivers, with rocks of considerable size.

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The design and campero equipment included (which in the competition is optional) also demonstrated its effectiveness, such as the robust aluminum crankcase cover, which protected the engine adequately, as well as the side fenders and the cover hands handlebar.

Getting off the asphalt is usually the weak point of many motorcycles trail of this segment, but it is not the case of the Montana XR 500. Its sturdiness and good manageability, the generous tour of the suspensions (adjustable), lightweight tubeless-prepared spoke rims and brakes that allow the ABS to be disconnected when leaving the asphalt, make its behavior clearly surpass all its competitors, without thereby diminishing its versatility or its traveling skills.

Macbor Montana XR5, a real adventurer | Motorcycles

Compliant on the road

And it is that on asphalt too satisfies, from the daily use by city until excursions weekend and travels by highway.

The suspensions also respond effectively, and the 12.5 liter tank provides reasonable autonomy. The front dome is large enough to protect from the wind and, despite the somewhat high weight (206 kilos), the whole roll with agility and good manners by any path.

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