macOS 11.1 beta 2 is available for developers

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As usual, Apple has just released a new version of its operating system for Mac. As a reminder, it welcomed a large number of additional features during the launch of Big Sur. The design, too, has been revisited. All the changes in question can be found in our dedicated list.

If, however, you enjoy learning about all of the future options ahead of time, then the beta just released may be for you. Note that it is therefore only accessible to those who have an account developer Apple, for the moment. For the more curious, here is what it offers, according to its editor.

The news

To begin with, Apple specifies that it has worked on bugfix in VoiceOver, App Kit, and Mac Catalyst. On the other hand, problems linked to the start-up of the affected computers are also resolved with macOS 11.1 beta 2. Most of the other improvements are minor, and only concern a few users.

Good to know: to take advantage of this version, you are advised to wait more. Thus, you avoid making your machine inoperative, because it is possible that other technical problems are still involved here. Including for the most efficient models, namely those which run with an M1 processor.

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