macOS Big Sur updates (11.6.1) for more security

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On Macs, there are many fans of the strategy of not installing new versions of Apple software when they are released. Too bad for the additional features, but it is indeed a more than judicious positioning when you evolve on a professional machine.

Indeed, despite several weeks of beta testing, it happens that some bugs remain even with a public deployment. If you do not want to install macOS Monterey (all new features), you now have the choice between this edition and the last edition of Big Sur, numbered 11.6.1.

What macOS 11.6.1 contains

No surprise with macOS 11.6.1: this is a minor update, mainly dedicated to improving the security of the device on which you decide to install it. No additional app or option is therefore available for end users. However, zero-day flaws could be corrected in:

  • AppleScript
  • audio
  • bluetooth
  • ColorSync
  • CoreGraphics
  • FileProvider
  • iCloud
  • IOGraphics
  • Intel graphics card drivers
  • IOGraphics
  • IOMobileFrameBuffer, already involved in the Pegasus scandal
  • Kernel
  • Model I / O
  • SMB
  • UIKit
  • Windows Server
  • system updates
  • zsh

Note: we will notice that Apple took the opportunity to thank the participants in its bug bounty (breach detection program with pay-per-view). They have helped identify many dangers solved with macOS 11.6.1, even as several testimonies cornered Apple in recent weeks for not having rewarded some of these researchers.

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How to install this version?

See our dedicated tutorial here at the end of the article.

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