MacOS Big Sur version 11.2 is finally here: how do I install it?

MacOS Big Sur version 11.2 is finally here: how do I install it?

After no less than 3 Beta Release Candidate versions and several test versions before that, and with 6 days more than the release of iOS 14.4, the final version of macOS Big Sur 11.2 is finally available for download for all.

What’s new for macOS 11.1?

MacOS version 11.2 includes the following fixes, in addition to improving Bluetooth efficiency:

  • External displays may display a black screen when connected to a Mac mini M1 (2020) via an HDMI / DVI adapter
  • Apple ProRAW format photo edits aren’t always saved in the Photos app
  • iCloud Drive may stop working after disabling the option to backup Desktop and Documents folder
  • System Preferences may not open even after entering the administrator password
  • The Globe key may not display the character viewer (symbols and emojis)

How to install macOS Bir Sur 11.2?

Nothing very complex, just go to System Preferences> Software Update before clicking “Upgrade Now”.

Who updated their Mac to macOS 11.2? Does everything work once the update is complete?

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