MacOS Monterey 12.1 Fourth Beta (Developers)


Apple has just deployed macOS 12.1 beta 4, intended for application creators only for the moment: this means that this edition is still far from being stable, so it is better not to install it on just any machine. The number of this grind ends with a “To“, A sign that we are probably only a stone’s throw away from its final version intended for the general public.

New arrivals

Bug fixing

With macOS 12.1 (beta 4), Apple seems to have fixed an incident that occurred when using the touchpad of their device, the MacBook Ai M1 having been pointed out in particular as well as the Magic Trackpad associated with an iMac with a chip. Intel. The issue prevented the gesture of touching the trackpad once to click from working correctly in some cases. So it is now ancient history.

Few changes

That’s about all that seems to have been improved for the occasion. It is however possible that other discoveries will be shared with us in the coming days; we will of course share them with you if so.

How do I install a macOS beta?

To test macOS 12.1 beta 4, you must join an Apple program dedicated to developers. The risky procedure is detailed right here, in our dedicated article.

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