MacOS Monterey 12.2 First Developer Beta

macOS Monterey 12.2

While macOS 12.1 has been available for the general public for less than a week in the end, its publisher is already working on the next version. Apple has just released version 12.2 of the operating system, which is only available to members of its beta developer program. It is therefore potentially delivered with some technical problems; caution.

No information has been communicated by Cupertino as to the content of this edition, but initial tests have revealed a major change. This concerns the Apple Music streaming platform, which finally abandons the webapp to be designed with AppKit. The result is an overall smoother experience, but the design remains very similar: difficult to tell the difference.

What’s new with Apple Music?

In short, the advantage of this novelty is therefore above all the speed of execution, which is also found with the last update of the Apple TV application which arrived on macOS 12.1 at the beginning of the week. There doesn’t seem to be any additional features yet, but longer term testing may show us otherwise.

It is also likely that macOS 12.2 will include security fixes, bug fixes, and other changes for the stability of the software. In any case, this is what Apple most often offers when the company is stingy on its release notes.

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Installation process

As seen above, this update of macOS is therefore reserved for developers. If you are one of them, you can download it on a dedicated machine, but it is not recommended to install it on your MacBook every day as you may encounter problems that could slow the device down.

In the near future, Apple is also expected to roll out a public beta of Monterey 12.2 which you can get by following these tips. Usually, it’s only a matter of days before the program is available to more people, so we could qualify as early as next week, which starts in three days.

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