MacOS Monterey bug update (and solutions)

Fond d'écran Monterey

A little earlier this week, many testimonies poured out against macOS Monterey: sometimes the system consumed too much energy, sometimes it prevented the machine from starting … Since then, a first solution has however been mentioned, allowing with a specific maneuver – relatively difficult, we grant you – to restore the affected devices and embedding a T2 security chip. Even better: Apple has finally realized the problem and already deployed a fix. To be eligible, you must of course install the latest update offered from System Preferences.

Be careful though, because even if the one who shares this information is reliable most of the time, its source is not specified. In addition, it is not uncommon to see this youtuber take advantage of rumors sensitive enough to create a buzz:

Recurrence at the heart of questions

As confirmed by a recent signed article MacWorld, the memory incident is not new. In fact, it even dates from well before Monterey, with notably a multitude of reports dating from Big Sur. Looking more closely at the issue, it is even obvious that the error dates from earlier with, for example, a plethora of MacBook Pro running Catalina affected. But then, how does this matter to us today?

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In fact, to understand it, it is necessary to visualize the consequent mass of reports which overwhelm Apple in recent days. This seems to have reached a critical mass, which Cupertino can probably not neglect. It is therefore quite possible that a fix is ​​in the boxes at the moment, even if Apple has not yet communicated on this subject, contrary to the ignition concern. The brand did not respond to requests from MacWorld, which is behind this theory. Otherwise, we’ll update this article with its statements.

A new concern with the Safari browser

A last incident, the feedback of which was compiled this time by our colleagues at MacRumors, this time concerns the playback of videos on YouTube. The bug is triggered only when it comes to content viewed in HDR. It appears to be a kernel error, which happens when scrolling through comments or just exiting fullscreen mode.

Affected Macs have 16 GB of RAM, but others with double or 64 GB could also be affected. (source)

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