macOS Ventura release date: when can you install it?

date de sortie macOS Ventura During the Worldwide Developer Conference 2022, Apple gave us first indications on the release date of macOS Ventura. It’s a habit for the developer, which always focuses the attention of this event on future updates of its major operating systems. Organized in June, the show also allowed us to learn more about the global arrival of iOS 16.

According to Tim Cook, who hosted the presentation, this is how during the fall that the final version of both software will be released. A statement to be compared with the latest clues of the moment, according to which a keynote is planned for the month of October. It is during this one that we should discover an iPad Pro with M2 chip, the iPad 10, the next generation of MacBook Pro 14 and 16 inches and the exact release date of macOS Ventura.

In the third trimester

This timeline is similar to the macOS Monterey rollout last year. Also announced during WWDC, the program was entitled to a release date of October 25, 2021, exactly one week (this gap is a habit) after the Apple Event of the M1 Pro and M1 Max chips. Big Sur was a little later, with a November 12, 2020 release, with some blaming the coronavirus pandemic for shifting the schedule. But in general, it is indeed in september that macOS can be downloaded in final version.

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Unfortunately, many developers are still reporting bugs on macOS Ventura. What’s more, the shortage of chips and the slowdowns linked to the heat wave (power cuts in factories) or the consequences of the last wave of COVID-19 contaminations have further caused damage this year. Two hypotheses are thus most often mentioned for the release date:

  • September 13, seven days after the supposed September 6 keynote
  • the second half of Octoberto coincide with latecomer MacBooks

The second choice is the most likely, based on previous versions of macOS. What’s more, you should also know that the release date of the macOS Ventura betas is sometimes also delayed from that of the iOS 16 betas, as we have seen throughout the summer. Finally, we also know that major features of this edition such as Stage Manager or masking email in third-party apps with iCloud+ are not not yet stable and therefore require more time from Apple to complete them.

Should you install macOS Ventura on its release date?

This reminds us that the latest final versions of macOS have also suffered from serious bugs, which could also happen with macOS Ventura. Whether it’s Catalina, Big Sur or even Monterey, there have been few updates without incident. Apple is however working on several months of patches between the release date of the first betas for developers and that of the public version, but it is not always enough.

macOS Ventura

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It is with this in mind that, for safety, many advise wait a few weeks after a Mac update arrives, especially on a computer you use at work. Apple, for its part, advises to respect the release date to the letter: it’s up to you to judge with macOS Ventura, according to the first feedback which should arrive only a few hours after the publication.

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The macOS Ventura release date will be the same for all compatible Macs. For the others, older, it will be necessary to override the limitations of Cupertino but it is about a risky operation for your computer, being able to cancel the guarantee offered by the manufacturer.

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