Macs are the most popular computers by far

Quel MacBook Pro choisir 2021

The latest report from CAnalys claims that PC market growth has been very impressive in 2021, especially given the already exceptional year 2020 for this sector of activity. But still according to this report, Apple’s products come out of the game fairly easily, which are much more popular.

Apple still above the rest

Indeed, Macs have grown, in 2021, twice as much as the rest of the PC market. To reach such conclusions, Canalys focuses on shipments, which increased by 28.3% for Apple brand computers while the PC market increased by more than 14%. .

The company explains this result by the impressive sales of 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pros, which equipped with the M1Pro and M1Max chips, have met with such success as Apple has rarely known. As far as competition is concerned, the end of the year was also remarkable. The last quarter made it possible to exceed the bar of 90 million shipments over three months, and this, for the second consecutive year.

The PC market is doing well

Since Canalys carried out this kind of study, the PC world had never been so healthy. The latter is up 14% compared to 2020 and 27% compared to 2019. The 2021 figures have been a reference since 2012. Such figures regarding shipments also announce very good revenues, and Canlys n don’t forget to specify it. Indeed, the report speaks of 70 billion in turnover just for the last quarter of the year.

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Over the past twelve months, this figure would be above 250 billion, a first in the history of the PC industry. The report does not forget to mention that sales are also boosted by the pandemic, which has forced many people to start working from home and therefore to equip or re-equip over the past 24 months. The figures could therefore experience a certain drop in the coming months if the health situation were to improve.

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