Macs M1 faster on Windows 10 than Surface Pro X

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The result is clear, and it once again demonstrates the almighty power of the M1 chip on the rest of the Mac and PC market.

Today it has been proven that Apple’s M1 processor offers better single-core results than a Mac Pro or an iMac, and that they owed their lead to the presence of 28 against the 8 of the M1 chip.

But the domination of this new processor from Apple does not stop with the products of the brand at the apple. During its presentation, an announcement had made a lot of talk: “M1 is more efficient than 98% of laptops” a figure announced with confidence, but which seemed completely surreal. However, the more the weeks pass and the returns of use come to praise the capacities of this new processor, the more the question becomes legitimate.

Even more when we know that Alexandar Graf, an engineer from Amazon, managed to get Windows to work on an Apple Silicon Mac. If it is still impossible to run Windows on a Mac M1 today, this engineer has found a solution by using virtualization software.

Thanks to this, he was able to measure the performance of the Apple chip on the Microsoft system, and the results are edifying.

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Indeed, the M1 chip obtains single-core scores of 1,288 and a multicore score of 5,685. This is almost twice as good as the Surface Pro X which obtains results ranging from 800 in single-core and 3000 in multicore.

If the protocol that led to these results is more than questionable, the gap between the results of the M1 chip and the Surface Pro X indicates that it is likely that Apple’s chip makes Windows work better than its own. models from Microsoft. If this were to be confirmed in the coming weeks, it would be the ultimate demonstration of the power of the M1 chip in the rest of the market.

Macs M1 faster on Windows 10 than Surface Pro X

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