Macs running Big Sur vulnerable to a major security vulnerability

MacBook Pro 15"

In the United States, the University Carnegie-Mellon of Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania) is particularly famous in the field of computing. Among its alumni, the establishment has twelve Turing Prize laureates, not to mention nineteen Nobel Prize winners. Suffice to say that his work is generally considered reliable, to the point of being included in the biggest scientific journals.

In this regard, one of his recent studies has just highlighted a major vulnerability concerning Macs. This is found in sudo, a discreet program that can be controlled from the Terminal to guarantee full administrator access to the operating system. Most hackers have probably already used it to get around the limitations of macOS, which since Catalina prevents its users from installing software published by developers unknown to the App Store.

No fix for the moment

Concretely, by appealing to this flaw, a hacker could then potentially take complete control of the victim Mac, and this without its owner even noticing. It has also been confirmed that Big Sur is concerned. The most recent edition of the OS that powers these devices had many new features when it was released.

Apple has not yet released an update to address this incident. However, it is highly likely that it is only a matter of time before a patch is deployed, given the firm’s repeated arguments in favor of the confidentiality.

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