Madonna sits on Maluma in the middle of the reggaeton concert in Medellín, Colombia

Madonna sits on Maluma in the middle of the reggaeton concert in Medellín, Colombia

Maluma and Madonna.

Maluma and Madonna.

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Maluma and his friends sang in front of more than 53 thousand people in the Atanasio Girardot Stadium from the city of Medellin, Colombia. The Colombian singer returned to his hometown as a star with a massive concert that sold out tickets. He was accompanied by his friends; madonna (who sat on his legs) Y Firm Groupin addition to other local talents such as pheid, Blessd and Wolfineas well as Kapla and Philip and his compadre pipe good.

As an “unforgettable spectacle” has been described the show that brought back to Juan Luis Londono, Maluma, to the city where he was born and which now sees one of his favorite sons become an internationally famous superstar. 53 thousand people filled the Athanasius Girardot from Medellin, Colombia and accompanied their idol in what was a true historical review of the entire musical career of Maluma, who was surrounded by the affection of his countrymen in what has been his greatest show to date. He did not skimp on the display of technology, pyrotechnics and a crane that lowered him from the top of the stadium to the stage designed in the shape of a cross. This without mentioning that she had a special guest and sitting on the legs of nothing more and nothing less than Madonna.

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A video in which the faces of Jennifer Lopez, J Balvin Y Shakira preceded the departure of “Daddy Juancho”who later arrived on stage impeccably dressed in pink to sing HAWAIIthe theme that started the concert. Maluma Visibly moved, he came out singing through tears and moved by the energy of the public that did not stop singing the song.

It was followed by “Madrid”, “Parce”, “Corazón”, “11 pm” and “HP”, songs that made the entire audience dance. The show had an intimate moment where the singer talked about how close he found love. There in front of a white piano, Maluma performed the most romantic songs of the evening.

Without a doubt, one of the unforgettable moments of the musical show was the appearance on stage of the “Queen of pop”, madonnawho came on stage to interpret “Medellin” beside Maluma. He said he had no words when: “The queen is in the house.” Paradoxically, the American music diva was also the same ten years old as her host without stepping on the Colombian stage. The performance of both gave another nuance to the great show, which infected all the attendees with their sexy and suggestive choreography.

Another great moment was the appearance on stage of Firm Groupwho interpreted their success “get over me” and his recently released collaboration with Maluma “Everyone”, and they sealed the Mexican episode of the concert with mezcal.

April 30, 2022 will be remembered as the day that Maluma, another of the illustrious sons of Medellin, Colombia He returned to the city where he was born to show his artistic and professional evolution and at the same time his personal growth.

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