Madrid demands explanations –

El Madrid exige explicaciones

Madrid demands explanations -

It has taken -six days, specifically-, but the real Madrid has spoken out about the unfortunate incidents that occurred on the banks of the Stade de France. Through a releasethe club requests to know the reasons that led to the UEFA to designate Paris as the new headquarters, come to the defense of all fans, including Liverpool fans (which has shared the text on its official portals) and demand to purge responsibilities. “Some had to spend the night in the hospital. The fans deserve an answer”sentence.

for now, the only move UEFA has made has been to announce the opening of an investigation which is supposed to clarify what happened; It will be in charge of the Portuguese Tiago Brandão Rodrigues, former Minister of Education, Youth and Sports. Those present there report that there were dozens of robberies and assaults. The organization defends itself by pointing out that there was fake tickets, people trying to sneak in and that generated a stopper in several doors, such as Z, which was completely stopped for almost an hour. “At 9:00 p.m., only 47% of Liverpool fans were inside the stadium; by 97% of madridistas. There were a lot of false entries and 70% of them passed the first filter,” the French interior minister said.

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The match started with 36 minutes late and without all the fans having been able to access their seats. At the end of the night, the balance was 68 detainees -39 of whom went to court- and 174 slightly injured. The feeling of insecurity was total, even panic. A Liverpool fan, lying on the ground after being pepper-sprayed, likened the situation to Hillsborough (In 1989, an avalanche caused 97 deaths and 766 injuries; the investigation clarified that the only trigger of the disaster had been an excess of capacity, a very poor organization). It was a match between Liverpool and Nottingham Forrest. Steven Gerrard’s cousin, just 10 years old, was one of the deceased.

A policeman pepper-sprays a Liverpool fan.

Fans networks they felt that deja vu and they demanded responsibilities from the very night of May 28. The president of the club demanded an apology from the French sports minister (more information here). “They came to take everything from us, to rob us, but it was the gendarmes who were throwing pepper spray and rubber bullets at us… at us! We went down to the Metro and it was a mousetrap. If you tried to go out to look for a taxi, they asked you 300 euros to get you out of there,” he said. Enrique Cazorla, partner of Real Madrid since 1987a The world. The English media, in their chronicles, spoke of “horror” and meanwhile, France… compared it to the final in Madrid in 2019.

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Statement from Madrid

the white club, late but better than neverhas taken the floor to hold accountable publicly and, above all, answers. Despite the fact that most of the altercations took place in the area of ​​​​Liverpool fans, whom he also defends, many madridistas lived a real nightmare the night that should be dreamy. The official statement from Real Madrid reads as follows:

Given the unfortunate events that took place on May 28 in the vicinity and entrances to the Stade de France, including inside the stadium itself, Real Madrid CF would like to state the following in defense of our supporters who were victims of these events :

1.- We want to know what were the reasons that motivated that designation of the venue of the final and what criteria were taken into consideration taking into account what happened that day.

2.- Likewise, we ask for answers and explanations that determine who was responsible for leaving the fans helpless and defenseless. Some followers whose general behavior was at all times exemplary.

We understand that what should have been a great celebration of football for all the fans who attended the match turned into unfortunate events that have caused deep outrage around the world.

As has been clearly seen in the revealing images offered by the media, many of the fans were violently assaulted, harassed, robbed and robbed. Some events that also took place when they were driving in their cars or buses fearing for their physical integrity. Some of them even had to spend the night in the hospital for injuries received.

Football has transmitted to the world an image far removed from the values ​​and objectives that it must always pursue.

Our followers and fans deserve a response and that the relevant responsibilities be cleared up so that situations like the ones experienced are eradicated forever from football and sport“.

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