Madrid faces a bone

Morales celebra su gol contra el Real Madrid.

Madrid faces a bone

For Real Madrid, the end of the League is a mere formality after having title 35 in his pocket. However, there is no better preparation for a game like the one on May 28, the Champions League final against Liverpool, than maintain a positive dynamic that maintains the good atmosphere until then. The networks They are playing the Premier with City and they will have plenty of competitive tension, which is why one of Ancelotti’s great tasks is to keep his boys plugged in until the big day arrives. He already got a flat tire in the Derby against Atleti and Levante, which is risking its life, appears. Perhaps a video with the last matches against the granotas served to light the match of pride. And it is that, They are not a particularly comfortable rival for the white team…

Temp. Game Outcome
2017-18 Madrid-Levante 1-1
2017-18 Levante-Madrid 2-2
2018-19 Madrid-I raised 1-2
2018-19 I raised-Madrid 1-2
2019-20 Madrid-I raised 3-2
2019-20 I raised-Madrid 1-0
2020-21 I raised-Madrid 0-2
2020-21 Madrid-I raised 1-2
2021-22 Levante-Madrid 3-3

Since the 2017-18 season, the nine clashes between Madrid and Levante present tables that surely give hope to Alessio Lisci’s men, who do not give up in their fight to survive, as evidenced by their victory against Real Sociedad last day ( 2-1). Nine games, with three wins for each and another three draws. The balance in the Ciutat de Valencia smiles relatively to Madrid, which came out triumphant in 2018-19 (1-2) and in 2020-21 (0-2). But another rooster sings when it is the Granota team that travels to the capital, since they have scratched two wins and a draw in their last four games as visitors between the Bernabéu and Di Stéfano. Only Barça can boast of a similar global calculation if we take the same starting point, with five wins per side and three draws.

Lace to Lopetegui

At 17-18, Zidane tried to pull rotations while waiting for Cristiano, who was serving a penalty for his “slight push” on De Burgos Bengoetxea, and the experiment went wrong. Levante was insurmountable at the Bernabéu and only Lucas Vázquez could break down the wall, but after Ivi overtook Juan Muñiz’s men. Although much more bloody was the following Madrid-Levante, a game that Julen Lopetegui will remember with special bitterness. The current coach of Sevilla, after a promising start, saw how the lack of aim placed him in the abyss. Morales and Roger placed the 0-2 at 12 minutes and Marcelo’s goal was useless. Missed chances everywhere, a couple of goals and two disallowed goals served as a prelude and announcement to a death that came a day later. After 5-1 at the Camp Nou, Lopetegui was dismissed.

premounted stumble

A course later, the Levante visit would come with a special ingredient, it would be Hazard and Militao’s first game with Madrid. White’s only victory in this impasse at home, it was a rare game. Before the double debut, Zidane’s 2.0 team gave away 45 excellent minutes that ended 3-0. Then came the changes and the team faded until asking for the time with the final 3-2. The Belgian left shoots that never finished germinating. And so we come to the last stumble, one that came just before a comeback that was left on the shore despite paddling for 18 days, the last, in which he knew no defeat. On January 30, 2021, the team coached by Paco López arrived at the Bernabéu and once again left the Whites’ fiefdom with the three points (1-2). Morales and Roger, of course, turned around Asensio’s initial goal. Opposite was a Madrid with ten due to expulsion of Militao at eight minutes. That League was won by Atleti with a two-point advantage, if they hadn’t punctured against Levante at the Bernabéu…


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