Madrid takes over from the ‘CMK’

El Madrid tiene relevo a la 'CMK'

IS generational relief it’s perfect if there’s just ten years in between. It is what they offer to this real Madrid three soccer players who are just at that moment to favor the transition of the Holy Trinity from midfield to the future. The Camavingas (19 years old), Valverde (23) and Ceballos (25) watch tomorrow’s derby while taking over from Casemiro (30), Kroos (32) and Modric (36).

Shield/Flag Real Madrid

The one who has been warning him is one who knew the profession of midfielder well from within, Carlo Ancelotti. “Madrid has a guaranteed future”, advanced the transalpine last Wednesday after the third consecutive ecstasy in the Champions League. A changing of the guard that has yet to take place completely (Modric will continue until 2023), but which is based on the experience of the new protagonists despite their youth. The best example is Camavinga. At a young age, his file indicates that he has played 124 games as a professional between Rennes and Real Madrid. Of them, 17 in Champions and Europa League. And among those, his two essential appearances in the laps against Chelsea and City. little joke.

Valverde, meanwhile, could still play in the Uruguay Olympics but is on his way to the World Cup after 39 games in the absolute blue shirt. In his case, moreover, the falcon will close the season about to complete 150 official matches with Madrid (It’s currently at 143).

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Madrid takes over from the 'CMK'

Ceballos, together with Carvajal, celebrating reaching the final.

The case of Ceballos, in the air

Some features you could join Dani Ceballos, a footballer whose future has taken a radical turn in the last month. His exit in summer was sung after having received only 75 minutes until April. He is now a relevant exponent of Unit B: he helped from the bench against Chelsea and City and was a league starter in Pamplona and the 4-0 win against Espanyol. Contract ends in 2023so a good part of the conversations that there will be this summer between the utrerano and the club will come conditioned by the game plan offered by Ancelotti for the 2022-23 season.


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