Madrid will offer aid to change cars for the next 3 years

Madrid will offer aid to change cars for the next 3 years

The Madrid City Council announced yesterday its new environmental plan called “Plan Cambia 360”, a proposal that aims to promote sustainable mobility and energy efficiency through various projects that will have a budget of 110.8 million euros.

The focus is mainly on the most polluting vehicles and coal-fired boilers, which is why the available funds will be used to eliminate them through various grants for applicants. The Cambia 360 Plan will start at early april and it will last for three years.

Madrid will offer aid to change cars for the next 3 years

The “Plan Cambia 360” seeks to reduce greenhouse gases by 60% in 2030 compared to 1990 data.

In terms of sustainable mobility, the aid package will include the electric vehicle subsidy both for individuals and for goods (cars, motorcycles, scooters, bicycles …), vehicles with C environmental label DGT and charging points, as pointed out by the delegate for the Environment and Mobility of the capital, Borja Carabante.

The provisions of the Madrid City Council go through subsidizing the purchase of 1,100 vehicles per year (never more than 50% of the cost of the vehicle), for which a budget of 4 million euros by 2021 (extendable to 25 million), 15 million euros by 2022 and another 15 million by 2023.

Madrid will offer aid to change cars for the next 3 years

Although the exact amounts of the aid have not yet been established, we know that it will be an essential requirement for the purchase of CERO, ECO and C models the wrecking of a car: old in the first two cases and without environmental label or with sticker B in the third case.

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Regarding the charging points, the objective is to finance 1,900 points through an endowment of 12 million euros for all three annuities. The aid will be allocated to points for urban fleets with a high volume of routes, public access infrastructure, recharging points in work spaces, resident car parks and owners’ associations.

Madrid will offer aid to change cars for the next 3 years

To renew the taxi sector with ECO and CERO vehicles, 5 million euros of direct aid will be available and a subsidy line of 3 million per year (expandable to 5 million in 2021). The goal is to renew up to 1,610 vehicles per year. Nor have they forgotten the buses.

Those destined for discretionary and route transport, as well as vehicles used for the Urban Distribution of Goods (DUM), reserves an amount of 2 million annually, expandable in all cases up to 5 and 10 million, respectively. In these cases, the scrapping of the old vehicle will be voluntary, but doing so will have more than 10,000 euros of “prize”.

Madrid will offer aid to change cars for the next 3 years

For 2021 there is a provision of 24.8 million euros, expandable to 61.2 million; For 2022, 43 million are planned and another 43 million euros for 2023.

What will the requirements be?

As in any aid package, in order to benefit from the succulent subsidies, the interested parties will have to comply with a series of requirements. The good news is that these aids will be compatible with other at the national or regional level. The requirements for the 360 ​​Plan are as follows:

  • Be registered in Madrid.
  • The taxable person of the Tax on Mechanical Traction Vehicles must have the fiscal domicile in the capital, as well as its registration.
  • For goods vehicles, the development of their activity must be in the Community of Madrid, even if the taxpayer’s domicile and registration are outside of it.
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