make the MacBook Air as fast as a MacBook Pro

MacBook Air M1

The MacBook Air M1, released in 2020 and which will therefore not have been renewed this year (apparently no keynote on the way), is the least powerful of all Apple laptops available at the moment. Its M1 chip is “content” in fact to capitalize on a GPU with seven cores in minimum configuration, where the 13.3-inch MacBook Pro offers eight basic ones.

But even choosing this option for the most affordable machine, the overall performance falls short of that of the Pro. One of the reasons that could explain this limitation, beyond the software development signed Cupertino, could in fact be on the side of the fans, which are simply absent on the MacBook Air. The heat is therefore dissipated much less easily, forcing the manufacturer to restrict the capabilities of the processor to avoid a surge in the engines.

A thermal pad and you’re done

A channel youtuber High on Tech who understood this specificity well chose to disassemble the MacBook Air to modify it somewhat in order to remedy this situation in an original way. It was enough for him to use a pentalobe screwdriver, the only model capable of removing the proprietary fixing points of Apple devices, to access the contents of the computer.

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Then, the creator simply attached thermal pads above the area that increases the temperature of the MacBook the most, namely its motherboard. These small pads, not rough to avoid damaging the other components, have the advantage of being able to transmit heat between two elements very easily thanks to their strong conduction. Then all you have to do is close the aluminum hood against these newcomers, and you end up with a shell that removes excess heat.

In the end, the MacBook Air reached a score of 7,718 on the Cinebench power measurement app, almost as much as the MacBook Pro M1 with 7,764 (compared to 6,412 for an unmodified MacBook Air).

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