Make way for diversity in Apple’s latest report on the issue


In seven years, the number of women employed at Apple has increased significantly by 89%. This is the first key figure of the new statistics on diversity published by the brand for the sake of transparency, echoing in particular other numbers also ordered by shareholders, particularly on issues of subcontracting. Because yes, this information is above all for the attention of investors who see it as a guarantee of long-term confidence.

Between 2014 and 2021, several major personalities also joined the administration of Apple at the highest level. Among them, it is difficult to ignore the promotion of Lisa Jackson to the rank of environmental lady of Cupertino, with the objective of going to zero carbon emissions by the beginning of the next decade. Katherine Adams, vice-president in charge of security, will be poached after leaving her post at the manufacturer of connected objects Honeywell.

Employees from all backgrounds

But parity is not the only area in which Apple excels here. The survey indeed recalls that each minority is now also taken into account by the recruitment department, aiming to hire new talents whose genealogy comes from South America as well as Europe, Africa or Asia. A good point at a time when racial discrimination still continues to make headlines in the United States.

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In France, it is quite rare to find data of this type communicated publicly as the subject remains relatively taboo. This is however not the case across the Atlantic, allowing more awareness and initiatives in favor of equal opportunities.

What about the competition?

Where the number of employees from “underrepresented communities” correspond to 50% of all the teams officiating at Apple, this score is about equal at Google (Alphabet) and Microsoft. Meta, parent company of Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook, also obtains excellent results on Glassdoor, a platform where it is possible to anonymously evaluate the company where you work.

To view Apple’s latest full diversity report, meet right here. The content is written in English, but graphics provide a quick overview of the situation.

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