Malaga is saved by rebound

Malaga is saved by rebound

Málaga has been saved, by rebound, from going down to the First RFEF in a deplorable season. His new failure at La Rosaleda against Burgos was cushioned by the defeats of Amorebieta and Real Sociedad B against Cartagena and Huesca. Those from El Plantío played a serious and exemplary game and were far superior to the Blue and Whites who, due to lack of resources, resorted to the satellite dish as a remedy for their habitual impotence. Honors to Burgos that, many years later, is consolidated in Second with the idea of ​​staying and aspiring to much more.

Guede’s team came out very nervous and stressed. Burgos, who has deservedly earned his permanence, did not come to walk around or be a wimp and played with the label that is helping him grow. The line of five behind him kept the feisty Pablo Chavarría at bay, who kept falling offside. In one of these actions a goal was annulled by millimeters.

Shield/Flag Malaga

Stuck and without resources, Malaga was unable to pierce the defensive network of the Castilians who, based on the laboratory, sowed terror. The first warning came at 40′ with a shot to the crossbar by Zabaco. With Málaga in the dark, the goal came after another lateral free kick executed by Berjón and shot by Miguel Rubio who, despite being grabbed by Peybernes (in a lost position), went ahead of Genaro and Escassi to put the boot in and surprise Dani Martin. A tremendous scare partially cushioned by the partial defeats of Amorebieta and Sanse in Cartagena and Huesca. Intermediate and tremors.

Shield/Flag Burgos CF

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After the break, Pablo Guede looked for a more offensive profile.or on his right side with the entry of Víctor Gómez by Ismael (who was not doing badly at all). Caro stopped one of Luis Muñoz. The Burgos slate was still scary. Each stopped ball was a stab. At 58′ Guede brought out Ramón and Roberto instead of Luis Muñoz and Chavarría in search of a reset. Shortly after. Sekou by Vadillo. Nothing came out of Malaga and his opponent did not suffer. So in the 70’s he played what was formerly known as ‘transistors’. Amorebieta lost 5-o in Cartagena, but Sanse squeezed Huesca. The looks towards El Alcoraz due to Malaga’s inability to find new ideas.

The tension was growing. Real B tied in Huesca and Málaga was unable to scare Caro. The local fans wanted to transmit energy to their team, restless and without positive energy. The 25,389 spectators (a hundred of them, Burgos supporters), expectantly. It is, by the way, the best entrance of the season in the Malaga stadium. Loren at 93, had it. Given the local impotence, the stands celebrated Huesca’s 3-2 defeat of the royalist subsidiary as if it were their own. Final whistle and while waiting for the end in Huesca, the fans exploded against the players. Málaga has been saved by rebound. Six months without winning at La Rosaleda. And Burgos is great. He has suffered hard years but has come back to stay and dream of more. A great Burgos.

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And reflection for Malaga. His fans received him in a big way. And he fired him with discomfort despite a salvation that does not meet objectives. Not much less.

Loren regrets the occasion that he did not get in the final stretch.

Reception of the fans before the match.


Michel (35′, Grego Sierra), Victor Gomez (45′, Ismael Casas), Ramon Enriquez (57′, Luis Munoz), Robert Fernandez (57′, Chavarría), Alvaro Rodriguez (62′, Ernest), Sekou Gas-sama (64′, Vadillo), Undauger (72′, Pablo Valcarce), Mumo (72′, Andy), William (72′, Saul Berjon), Loren Zuniga (76′, Daniel Lorenzo)


0-1, 40′: Miguel Rubio


Referee: Jon Ander González Esteban
VAR Referee: Victor Areces Franco
Elgezabal (46′, Yellow) Raul Navarro (66′, Yellow) Peybernes (80′, Yellow) Expensive (93′, Yellow


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