Malaguti Dune125: the price of a cheap trail bike | Motorcycles

Malaguti Dune125: the price of a cheap trail bike | Motorcycles

Although it has traditionally been its own segment with medium and large displacements, more and more manufacturers are applying the concept of trail bike to models with small engines and accessible to a wider public. The Malaguti Dune125 It is presented as an alternative to start, since it is compatible with the car B license and is available from 3,599 euros. At price of the first year of insurance is included.

Malaguti has been able to adapt the idiosyncrasy of these motorcycles to a smaller format, which means that almost any pilot can handle it: the seat height is 79 centimeters and in running order the Dune125 weighs only 130 kilos.

Its engine, which complies with Euro 5 regulations, is a single-cylinder, four-stroke, water-cooled block that develops a power of 13.4 hp, as well as 10.5 Nm of torque. Approves a consumption of 3.1 liters per 100 kilometers, so that it can travel up to 360 kilometers before having to refuel.

Added to all this is the front wheel with an 18-inch rim, the front suspension with a telescopic fork, the rear with a monoshock and the ABS braking system, with a 280-millimeter disc at the front and a 218-millimeter rear disc.

The result is a set designed to move around the city and road with comfort, but the Malaguti Dune125 It also has a base to be able to make occasional outings off the asphalt.

Malaguti Dune125

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